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Tribal Fusion Fundamentals
Birmingham, MI

Come to drill Tribal Fusion fundamentals. It is a modern, eclectic dance form that includes a multitude of influences. Belly Dance, Flamenco, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical and other forms can be included in its stylistic vocabulary. Each group and even each dancer is a unique expression of the style. This style of dance is rooted in American Tribal Style (ATS) which started in California and is influenced by Middle Eastern, Spanish, African, and Indian folkloric dances. Class begins with teaching technique, posture, isolation, separation, and articulation. Choreography, individual expression, improvisation, and performance presentation are explored. Complex music, movements, layering, combinations, and building a strong Tribal Fusion foundation are emphasized in this class.

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Available for private lessons & workshops. Contact for more information. Current workshop offerings:

  • Some Like it Hard, Some Like it Soft
  • Sassy Combos
  • Earth Shaker
  • Gooey to the Ooey
  • Stage Makeup 101
  • Milk & Honey
  • Effortless Layers
  • Use Your Power for Good
  • Structuring Your Improv
  • Improv Like a Boss
  • Go With Your Flow
  • Demystifying the Music - A Dancing Musician's Guide to Musicality
  • So you have a date with the stage?
  • Customized Workshop