-about hannah -

Hannah Mullins is an American Tribal Fusion belly dancer, an international teacher, & powerful performer. She first stumbled upon belly dance at 12, growing up in California, & immediately fell in love. After years of experimentation with various dance styles, she started taking classes in American Cabaret style. She found her true passion, American Tribal Fusion, in 2008 when she discovered a video of the incomparable Rachel Brice.  Hannah has 20 years experience with a wide variety of dance styles, & as a musician & vocalist, has over 25 years of musicality training & experience. With a BFA from the Academy of Art University, her design education has also given her a strong foundation in art history, design theory, intellectual artistry, strong visual awareness, spacial perspective, & the ability to communicate mood & emotions visually.

She teaches a wide array of topics; from the fundamentals of Tribal Fusion to choreography, to improvisation, to stage prep & more. Teaching dance for the past several years, she encourages students to develop their own style with fusion, emphasizing the importance of drilling, improv, mental openness & flexibility, body awareness, & musicality.

Hannah has spent countless hours building a strong dance & Tribal Fusion foundation. As she grows, she continues to seek instruction from the world's best dancers. She pulls from many sources of inspiration as her personal style continues to evolve, change, & progress.

Performing mainly as a soloist, she has answered the call to collaborate with many other dancers & dance companies to create art, dynamic choreography, & inspiring performances. Her devotion & passion for this dance has allowed her to share the stage with the most amazing dancers from all around the world. Serendipity has graced her with the opportunity to perform with amazing artists of the stage, including Deb Rubin, Kaeshi Chai, Myra Krien, & Mira Betz.

She has a unique voice & continues to learn, experiment, & dance to the beat of her own drum.